In addition to your hospital bill, you may receive a bill for other professional services and/or other independent consultants. Questions concerning these bill should be directed to the following:

Ambulance Services
Banks County - 706-677-2256
Jackson County - 706-367-5202

Anesthesia Services
877-350-3511 for dates of services after July 31st

Emergency Department Physicians

888-703-3301 - For dates of service after March 12th, 2018.

Laboratory/Pathology Services
Pathology and Laboratory Consultants - 706-389-2425

Radiology Services:
South Carolina Medical Management - 866-531-5903

If think you qualify for financial assistance, please complete the Charity Care Application.

Business Office/Patient Financial Services - 706-335-1129

Understanding Facility Charge Information
The amount a facility bills for a patient’s care is known as the “charge.” This is not the same as the actual cost or amount paid for the care. The amount collected by a hospital for each service is almost always less than the amount billed.

Each case is different based on the patient’s medical condition, a given patient’s charge amount will not necessarily be the same as another patient. If two patients have the same service or procedure but one is healthy, and one has a chronic illness, it is likely that the patient with the chronic illness would need more intensive care thus creating a bill with higher charges than the healthy patient’s bill. 

The amount you are responsible for also depends on your insurance coverage. We negotiate discounted rates with insurance companies.
Patients with no insurance or financial difficulty, may receive discounted rates based on their income. Our Financial Counselor will work with you to determine those discounts. You can view our Financial Assistance Policy.

The hospital’s charge does not include professional fees such as for a physician’s or Radiologists’ services. Please contact your provider to determine those costs.

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